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Community Center Theater Stage Contributions

Community Center Theater

Community Center Theater

Community Center Theater has an impressive past, presenting numerous concerts, musicals and plays over the years. To bare witness to the continuing operation of the Nevada Theater is historic. Therefore, it is good to see the continued upgrade of the Nevada City Theater. This  In recent years, there has been popular productions of The Full Monty, To Kill A Mocking Bird and The King and I. Click here for The History of the Nevada Theatre

The future for community center theater seems assured with productions lined up that are bound to draw crowds. This community theater district involves theater producers, theatre directors, theater makeup and theater set design which is an important part of the cultural life of Nevada County. Patrons can also enjoy special deals at local participating restaurants. The area has many fine eating houses, including Italian, Asian, Mexican and grill houses.

Community Center Theater Still Vibrant As Ever

Nevada City

Nevada City Home

So you’re visiting Nevada City and you want to experience all that the city has to offer but you aren’t a big fan of the theatre. You really don’t want to end your visit to this great town without taking in at least one of the local community theater plays. For some of us, the idea of watching a play is synonymous to watching paint dry. There are some options available for those who would rather watch a movie than a play.

musical theater

Musical Theater

Some really don’t like the idea of seeing a musical but no one can resist Avenue Q or The Full Monty. These hilarious musical theater plays are the perfect choice for a person who loves comedy and who wants to spend a relaxing time watching a production that is not only funny, but are soul searching at the same time. There is good reason that musical theater shows are so popular. Community center theater is fun.

Readers Theater

Readers Theater

I had no idea what was readers theater or what was in store. If you’ve never been to a mystery readers theater, it will probably catch you by surprise. Readers theater gets the very best out of most men, women or children in the community. I could tell by the reaction of the other theatre patrons. They looked amused and entertained. By the time the theatrical show was over, everyone were all having a blast.

Cheap Theatre Tickets

Cheap Theatre Tickets

No matter what community theater show you are planning to attend, there is a part of you that hopes you can score front row tickets. Not everyone wants to sit up front of course, but the vast majority of people think it’s the best place to be. I have to agree, though I do know people who like to sit back and be further from the action on stage. You have to realize that not everyone that get theater tickets can sit in the front.

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